Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Notebook experiment

I have just finished making a small exposed-binding notebook that I plan to use to test the durability of scrapbooking paper as a covering for books. I have been warned that it is quick to show signs of wear, but I want to know whether it is nice, well-loved kind of wear or just ugly wear. The idea for the book came when I saw that I had some leftover pieces of binder’s board that were not in any standard book size. If this book goes well, I plan on making more.

I am also testing the relative durability of different kinds of paper and sealers. I glued strips of the different papers onto two pieces of binder's board, used three different sealers (acrylic matte medium, acrylic gloss medium and Mod Podge) and left one side untreated. I tossed them into my purse, there to rattle around with the rest of the contents for a while.


My bookbinding instructor is a traditionalist. I showed her the notebook and she was horrified, especially at the semi-exposed spine and the ribbons. Judge for yourself.:

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A bit clumsy, to be sure, but hardly enough for her to be rude about ;-)


Technical note: The book is bound on the three ribbons which are then glued down onto the cover to give extra strength to the book. On the inside, triple endpapers and strips of mull have been bound in with the first and last signatures and the boards glued to the outermost endpaper page. The ribbon covering the spine was added because I didn't space the sewing holes quite right and one of the ribbons was a bit wriggly.

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Rookie Bebe said...

Are you happy with it? I think it's very neat looking. You were experimenting that's what counts. How are we ever going to learn:) Like your blog.