Friday, 16 March 2007

Welcome to my bookbinding journal

I should really have started this journal several weeks ago when I first began learning to bind books, but I have been too busy putting together books to give much thought to blogging, as may be seen by the scracity of new entries in my book blog.

I have been interested in learning this art/craft for ages, but never had the time to do anything about it until now, and I’m loving every minute. Not only am I learning to make new books and rebind old ones, I have also landed in the midst of a happy and friendly group of people, some of whom have been attending these courses for 20+ years, by now more for the company and access to professional equipment than any need to learn more.

After 10 classes I have finished 5 books and have eight more that only need to have their covers lined. Four of the finished books are rebinds and one is an e-book that I downloaded from Project Gutenberg. All are traditional hard-cover bindings, sewn on cords and half-bound with Rexine (a type of fake leather) and paper.

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The binding of the books went well for the most part, except I obviously was not quite quick enough to smooth down the Rexine on the spines of four of the books, as it has come unglued here and there and makes unsightly small bulges on the spine, but my consolation is that they are not valuable books and I can always redo them once I have more experience.

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The e-book was the most time-consuming of all of the books. I laid it out in Word and did various things to make it as readable and professional-looking as possible (e.g. changed the font and the font size), then printed it out with a laser printer (it took a bit of experimenting before I figured out how to collate the pages for printing, two on each side of an A4 sheet of paper) and assembled it. I now have to decide what colours I want on the covers of the other 8 books. I have Rexine in blue, red, two shades of green and two shades of brown, leather in black and various shades of brown, and fish skin in dark green and black, plus a variety of marbled paper, elephant-skin paper and scrapbook paper.
Choices, choices, choices.

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