Thursday, 26 April 2007

2 more notebooks and a couple of ideas for future books

I have finished two more exposed-spine notebooks using the same method as in the previous books, except I did not glue the ribbons down onto the covers but tied the short ones into bows instead and left the long ones loose to be used for tying the books closed or to be used as bookmarks. I put glue on the ribbons on the spine to make sure they couldn’t accidentally be pulled out.
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The notebook on the right is covered with a traditional snakeskin-patterned book paper and has black ribbons and the one on the right is covered with gift paper with drawings of old books (making it a bibliobook) and has shiny beige ribbons.

The snakeskin book has brownish-gray endpapers with flecks of darker fibres and the bibliobook has marbled endpapers in shades of red:
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I was preoccupied with something else when I assembled the bibliobook so I accidentally put one cover on upside down and didn’t discover it until the glue was dry:
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Instead of trying to fix it, I decided to use it for myself and write only on the right hand pages until I reach the end, when I will turn it around and again write only on the right hand pages, so the text on opposite pages will be topsy turvy. That way, when full, the book will look like the covers were attached like that on purpose...

I am currently working on a photo-tutorial on how I make these books, which I will publish once the sample book is ready.

I am also working on an A5 notebook that will have blank pages and a decorated cover and will be spiral-bound.

The next thing I think I will try is using coloured thread to sew the books and make a decorative pattern on top of the ribbons. The next book I have lined up will have red ribbons and a predominantly red cover with some white, so I think white thread will be ideal.

I think it's time I learned to use coptic (chain) stitching to sew books, as it is a very decorative stitch, especially when using coloured thread. You can even use two or more colours, depending on the number of needles you use. It will take a while until I am ready to exhibit any such books here, since there are no courses available here and I will have to learn it from books, and as everyone knows (except my friend whose first crochet project was a Christmas dress for her daughter - beautifully done and finished in record time) practice makes perfect.

I am also thinking about using the covers from old paperback books as covers for notebooks. I buy a lot of second hand books and every now and then I come across one that either has some pages missing or falls apart in my hands and is not worth repairing. I already use the pages from such books for origami experiments, and I think using the covers would be a neat recycling idea - certainly better than having them pulped and made into toilet paper (if you didn’t know what happens to books when the paper gets recycled... well now you do).

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