Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Books I’m working on

I have been taking a break from bookbinding while I put in new flooring and reorganised my reading/work room, but I found I couldn’t keep away from it for long. Last night I set to work on covers for two blank books I had already cut and folded and made a third bookblock and a cover for it. The covers will be dry and ready for binding when I get home tonight.

The first is made from acid-free textured drawing paper for which I simply covered the boards in white drawing paper to be decorated at will. I will add “dustcovers” from clear vinyl over the white covers to protect them from dirt. I still haven’t decided whether to bind these onto the book or to make a cover that can be slipped off, or perhaps just make a wrap cover.

The next is 8 signatures of different coloured paper in pastel colours. The covers are made from woven coloured paper. I may add some stamping or drawing before I varnish it. I also made a woven piece from some pages of the same book as the “Victoria” cover and plan to use it as a cover for a notebook.

The third is a CD book. I cut a CD in half with a utility knife, used it as a cutting guide for the paper and cut out signatures the exact size of the half CD. I will drill sewing holes in the halves and coptic bind the book. The question is: do I use the shiny side or the other side for the outside? Both are quite decorative.

I also prepared blank covers and made up signatures from high-quality drawing paper for a fourth book. I will probably cover those boards with brown paper and leave them blank for the prospective owner (myself or someone else) to decorate.

A project I have on the backburner involves a stack of A5 sheets I printed frames on in Word, using all the different choices possible and shuffling them around. I will probably cover the boards on this one with brown paper which can be decorated at will. I then intend to have it spiral-bound and will keep it with me for those occasions when the small notebook/sketchbook I always carry with me is not big enough.

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eduardo waghorn said...

Sailing in blogosphere i found your interesting and original blog...
Let me read it with calm,using my translator...
Anyway, I want to send you a warm hug from Chile.
Visit me if you want and send me your comment, even on icelandic, that sounds so sweet:)
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