Monday, 14 May 2007

"Victoria" - torn paper cover notebook

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This is my third coptic book. I made the cover by tearing up pages from an old paperback that had yellowed nicely. I pasted the pieces onto the boards and covered it with Mod Podge. This was a bit tacky when dry, so I gave it a final layer of matte acrylic sealer. By changing the way I held the book and using a slightly different method than before when I was attaching the second cover and last signature, I was able to get a tighter binding while still getting a nice chain-stitch pattern on the spine. Since coptic bindings are generally on the loose side I don’t think I am going to get them any tighter, but next time I am going to try using a curved needle and see if it makes a difference. By using a curved needle I will not have to keep the book open in two places while I sew, but only in one.
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If you're wondering how a booklover like myself can possibly tear up a book - well, it had several pages missing when I got it in a box of books from somewhere and so had ceased to be readable.

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