Friday, 3 April 2009

Golden book

This is an anthology of Icelandic verse, both modern and traditional, that is used to teach older elementary school kids about poetry. I am thinking about stencilling the title on the front, but will have to experiment with the remnants of the paper first, to make sure the paint will stick.


I was originally going to cover this book with traditional patterned book paper, but when I was showing the other members of my bookbinding group my latest paper purchases I put this crumpled gold crafting paper down beside a piece of the burgundy-coloured Rexine I had already put on the book, and saw how well the two went together.

The paper is grainless and so is probably handmade. It is beige on one side and gold on the other. It seems to have been wetted, crumpled up, smoothed down again (but not completely), then dried and gold paint sprayed on one side.

It was a bit tricky to work with, as it sucked up a lot of dampness from the glue, which made it delicate. I couldn't use a bone folder to smooth it down because I wanted to retain the crumpled look, so I gently pressed it down with my fingers and allowed it to dry standing up. The boards warped slightly, so I knew it would have to be pressed. When I did the pastedowns, I therefore wrapped the book in a coarse bath towel before putting it in the press to dry. It worked: there is no warping and the crumpled effect is still there.

I think this look would be great on a guest book or photo album, or even on a little notebook.

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Margaret said...

That's a pretty book!