Sunday, 5 April 2009

Second exposed long-stitch binding

Finished this one tonight:

The leather for the cover comes from the same larger piece as the previous book, but the strap is black and can be wrapped twice around the book.

The closure is made from an old button, and can be used either like a buckle (first photo below) or by wrapping the strap around it (second photo below), or a combination of both methods (see previous photo).

The book is sewn with white bookbinding thread and the exposed stitches are decorated with buttons:


Margaret said...

Oh wow, that's really neat!

Jeanie said...

Hi! I just saw a journal that Fara McCune purchased from you for a wedding gift. It's fabulous. Loved the binding, the pocket cover, the beautiful look of the signatures and your paper. It's wonderful to know such a gifted artist is here in East Lansing! I'll look forward to seeing more of your work and digging into your fascinating blog!

Bibliophile said...

Jeanie, you've got the wrong bookbinder. Whoever made the book, it sounds like it was really beautiful.