Sunday, 24 May 2009

New coptic book

Here is my latest creation:


The book is made up of 6 signatures of rough hand-torn sketching paper, 72 pages altogether. It is held closed with an elastic band.


Inside there is room for a pen and a loop of elastic to hold it in place.


The boards are covered with red library buckram and lizard-skin patterned book paper and it is sewn together with waxed red sewing thread, using Coptic stitch (also known as chain stitch).


I'm thinking about adding pockets inside the covers, to hold stuff like postcards, stamps and boarding passes.


margaret said...

I am just about to delve into learning bookbinding and I've been poking around on blogs and just stumbled across yours.

I love the little pen alcove! Thank you for the tutorials - I will certainly learn from them when i get there! I look forward to more of your projects. (I hope to share my learning experience on a blog soon and will be sure to link back to you!)


Bibliophile said...

Margaret, be sure to let me know when your blog goes up.