Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Here is my latest creation – a riveted book:

The book is two thick signatures sewn into the tail end of a spotted wolf-fish skin. I have allowed the sides of the leather patch to retain their natural contours:

The method for this sewing pattern is shown here:
Leather journal photo tutorial
The directions are a bit confusing because there are so many photos, but persevere and you'll soon figure it out. I found it helped to print out the whole thing and cross out the photos that weren't helpful.

Here is a close-up of the stitch:
Ignore the knot - it appeared as I was making the last stitch and I was unable to unfasten it so I left it where it was so that I wouldn't have to unravel the stitching and start over. Look at the beautiful texture of the leather!

Here you can see better how the book is constructed:
Before glueing on the boards, I punched the holes for the rivets where I wanted them in the leather and aligned the boards on the book, marking with a pencil where the rivet-holes were to go. Then I punched the rivet-holes in the boards, applied glue to the underside of the leather (wiping away the glue that welled up through the rivet-holes before it dried), re-aligned the holes in the leather and boards and pressed gently to attach the two, repeating on the other side. Then I put the book in the press for about 10 minutes to allow the glue to dry a bit and finally I applied the rivets. The rivets strengthen the adherence of the boards to the leather, and are also decorative. The paper covering the boards is handmade (and not at all easy to work with).

Here‘s how the spine looks on the finished book:


Sharmon Davidson said...

I think your books are quite beautiful; bookbinding is something I want to learn. What riveting tool do you use? (I love rivets.)

Bibliophile said...

Sharmon, I don't remember how I applied these rivets, but it would have been either with a small hammer and a tiny anvil, or with riveting tongs.