Sunday, 26 July 2009

Fat little notebook

Here is my latest creation:
The boards are covered with black-dyed wolf-fish leather.

It's 13 signatures, bound with coptic stitch. For some reason, I find it much easier to get even stitches when I use sewing thread. When I use bookbinding thread like I did here, the stitches tend to come out uneven.

There is a little surprise inside the boards:


mrs. lum said...

i'd like to see this one in person. i really like the images you have here. the binding, the covers the end sheets. very nice

Bibliophile said...

Thank you :-)

Lucy said...

I have a question. Your book looks very nice and I make the same kind as a hobby to give a presents, but for some reason they don't lie flat when closed. They are kind of slanted starting high where the bind is and then sloping down. Do you have any tips?

Bibliophile said...

Lucy, it sounds like there is too much bulk in the spine. There are two common reasons for this problem:
One is that you haven't made the folds in the signatures sharp enough, the other is that the thread you are using is too thick.

The first problem can be solved by using a bone folder to make the creases (or if you don't have one, use the back of a spoon, the dull edge of a knife or a ruler and press hard).
The second problem you solve by using a smaller gauge thread for the binding.

For books you have already bound, you could try beating the spine down with rubber mallet - just put something between the book and the mallet to protect the cover before you start banging away.

I hope this helps :-)

Anonymous said...

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Svetlana said...

Sensational book! I love the covers and wolffish leather looks fabulous..