Friday, 3 July 2009

New travel journal (updated May 2014)

I’ve mentioned my travel journals before, and now I have a new one to add to the collection. It covers my recent week-long camping trip around the country.

hand-drawn Iceland map
A look inside the journal.

This book was a journal-from-scratch project like my last three travel journals. This means that I didn’t pre-make a book, but brought loose signatures with me and journalled on those, and then bound up the book when I got home.

The Polaroid Zink printer has made journalling from scratch much easier – I used to leave blank spaces on the pages of my journals for photos I would later print out at home and paste in, but it was always a hassle, especially when I forgot what photo I was planning to insert where or had left too small or too big a blank. Having a printer with me has all but eliminated that problem, and while the photos are small and the quality not always the best, they allow for more spontaneous journalling.


I decided not to do a full hollow-back binding for this one because it is only 2 signatures and I like experimenting with different techniques, so I made a long-stitch binding similar to the red notebook I blogged about earlier, using the same stitching pattern.

I was feeling singularly uninspired when I designed the boards, using some scrapbook paper I had found that has a map of Iceland on it:
On the back I chose a similar-coloured paper that looks like a watercolour wash. The plan was to glue something interesting onto the back. I have since changed the cover completely.

Then I decided that instead of traditional pastedowns, I would collage the inside of the boards with photos of places I visited, clipped from tourist brochures:

Now I am unhappy with the outside of the boards and am considering a collage there too. I will post more once I have finished the project.


Mixed Media Martyr said...

I LOVE drawn maps!!!!

Bibliophile said...

So do I. I hope you like this one.

I always imagined hand-drawing maps would be really hard to do, but with the technique I used it was mostly just time consuming.

Debbie Hodge said...

love love love these. they are gorgeous.

Bibliophile said...

Thank you, Debbie.

Magdalena-Maria Bukowiecka said...

Can you tell me the technique you used while drawing the map? I'm starting a trip soon and your journal is an inspiration to mine...
Best regards,
Magdalena from Poland

Bibliophile said...

Thank you, Magdalena.
The method I used is a simple one: I made the map after I got back from the trip. I very lightly traced the outline of the country, the glaciers and the route I took, onto a sheet of the same paper I used for the book, using a graphite pencil. I also marked the placement of the towns and other stops. Then I drew over the pencil lines with a pen, softening the outlines a bit, and added details like mountains, place names and height lines in the glaciers. The blue outline was done in coloured pencil and the road with a red pen. When I was happy with the map, I folded it in half and put it into one of the signatures before I sewed the book together.

If you have a journal that has already been sewn together and you want to put a drawn map in it, you need to use a transfer technique of some sort. I like the one described here:

I hope this helps, and I also hope your trip will be enjoyable and successful.