Sunday, 2 August 2009

Little red book

My latest project:

I used red clothing leather that is too stretchy to use for covering book boards. I have a whole hide of it that I am keeping for when I have time to take a leather-sewing course, and then I plan to make myself a purse out of it. What remains I will use to make more books similar to this one. There are 4 signatures, each made from a sheet of paper approximately A4 in size, folded in half and half again. The signatures are long-stitched into the leather cover, with beading added afterwards. Finally, I added a closing strap. The flap is part of the natural contours of the hide, only I rounded them a little.


Canarybird said...

Jo I find this a most fascinating blog. You are so very imaginative and creative! Perhaps I find it so intriguing because I know nothing about book binding and therefore am seeing for the first time the inner secrets of how books are put together.
Regards, Sharon.

Bibliophile said...

Thanks, Sharon. I love bookbinding, and of all the hobbies I have tried I have only stuck to photography for longer.

MPL Creative Resources said...

I've just discovered your blog. I've been doing Japanese (stab) bookbinding for years but was ready to branch out. The examples and instructions on your site have helped me tremendously. Thank you.


Bibliophile said...

You are welcome, Mindy.