Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A look inside one of my notebooks

I have a number of notebooks I have made that I use for myself, usually books I have been unhappy with in some way and didn't want to sell or give away. Here is one:


This isn't the original cover - I stencilled the original but always thought it was ugly, so I covered it with some old stamps I had on hand. It's still not finished - I think it needs a little more spontaneity in the top half and I'm waiting to acquire some stamps to fix that. I keep this particular book at work and take it with me into meetings to doodle in, because doodling sharpens my mind and helps me focus on the subject at hand. Here are some scans of what I have put inside the book so far (click on thumbnails to see full size):


Some are works in progress, others are fully finished.