Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Going in a new direction...

If you come here regularly, you may have noticed something different about the header. This is because I am expanding the blog. I haven't posted about bookbinding in ages, which is mostly because while I am still doing it in the classroom, I haven't had anything new to say about it lately and have only finished one at-home project since last summer. I do have a few new bindings to showcase and will post about them when I can be arsed to take photos, edit and post them.

I have been decluttering my apartment lately, prior to setting up a studio in my spare bedroom, and my book presses, paper and leather are all packed away in storage, so I have been practising my less space-consuming hobbies, like reading, drawing and crocheting.

When I was looking at the comments on my drawings and collage, it occurred to me that since I already have blogs to showcase my bookbinding and photography skills, why not blog about my other hobbies as well? After all, I like to imagine I have some skill at rock-painting, crocheting and drawing. Of all my hobbies, photography and reading are really the only ones that need blogs of their own, so I decided to simply expand this one to include some of my other hobbies.You can expect developments (and posts) soon.